TRAQ Hares and Hounds 2015. Hares, Hounds, Heat and Humidity.

It’s been a while, this happens when you are busy but also when there is not much to say.

But now, I have a few things to discuss, a new runners excuse and the moderation of minimalism.

Last Sunday I ran the Hares and Hounds trail ultra in the Glasshouse Mountains. I did this a year before and did very poorly. I did not do too much better this year. No injury or mental impairment can be blamed but a strange new excuse. A novel one I have not heard before, “My electrolyte bladder did not melt.”

Yep, I have new one, always able to find new ways to stuff up I came up with this beauty.

My two 2l bladders of Shotz electrolyte failed to melt. Why? I have no idea, I had it in an insulated sleeve and the drink was not coming at the rate I wanted. After half way, I gave up and added some ‘Maximus’ crap dad had on him to the bladder, which was still 1/2 ice and sucked on that. The damage was done though, I was a cripple, begging friendly runners for their dried spit to drink and eyeing off stagnant ponds as a good source of rejuvenation.

So listening to a Webinar/Podcast coach Hanny put on discussing Nutrition and Hydration earlier this week, I was ticking off the boxes, I did everything wrong. I lost a heap of fluid, salt and was not eating enough to function. I was miserable and demoralised.

At km 30 or so I stopped, filled up with the “Maximus’ dribble and ate 200g of dried apricots while walking. So, salt, glucose and water returning to the system I was off again and finished strong, though cramping and sore…..but had the special bonus  of my daughter running to the line with me and Lesley being there too. THAT was brilliant!

Gigi running to the finish with 'Cliff Young'.

Lessons learnt, this wont happen again. At least now I know what it is like to go a long way on next to nothing.

The race it’s self is an interesting one, it starts in the dark and ends in the midmorning heat. It is humid and hot with a million and one mozzies, tough is the word. I think as hares we are meant to outrun the hounds but the real threat to your soul is the heat. You have to beat the heat. I did not.

Classic Glasshouse trails.

Classic Glasshouse trails.

Still, 45 minutes faster than 2014 is not bad and I feel back to normal already (5 days later).

Much better look than last years desolation.....

Much better look than last years desolation…..

As for Minimalism and its virtues, I am still a big advocate. I have just found, rocks, roads and steps do not want to co-operate. We need some underfoot protection.

If confronted with a 10m stretch of rock garden, the minimalist fantasy is to delicately pick your way across and lithley come to the other side all smiles. The reality, is you tip toe and get sore feet, slowly! I have learnt that for trails you can run in shoes that allow you to just run across without a thought and suffer no pain. What is better??

So now I’m trying low drop, shoes or zero drop shoes with rock plates and some cushion. On the roads, coach Hanny has me wearing a mix of cushioned and non-cushioned, 9mm drop to zero drop shoes. I am better for the mix up. I think rotating through a range of shoes with variable shapes makes sense, plus I usually do what I am told. Luna sandals are worn for all dog jogs, and casual outings. The feet need to stay strong!

So that’s it for now. Adios until next time, aido.