three friends running the same race!

So, what are we doing this year and why??

Just three races, that’s it. A thing called The Northburn 100 in Otago, New Zealand, the UTA 100 come May and the CCC in August. I might be doing a night race later this week.

Why? Why do this? Obsession, boredom or fatalism? Self hate? I can not say for sure but I do know, that on the day I race, running,  then plodding headlong into the unknown, doing something outside normal, it conjures a feeling nothing else can manage. Maybe Sky divers get it too and can keep at it all day, I do not know.

Running ultras on trails takes time to prepare and patience to enjoy. It makes the rest of life easier too. You start using the same tools, doing what you can, trying to find what works, then sticking to and improving on a winning formula.

I am quite late to all this, I used to think I was a ‘lucky’, soul who did not really have to try at life, it just worked out. It wasn’t, I wasn’t.

Since doing these events and admittedly for a time before, getting other parts of my life in order,  I have started to do a little better. It’s making a difference. To me, anyway. My family might disagree.

So 2016, it’s only three races, 360 and a few km long with 20 500m + up, I think the same down? I hope the other side of life goes well for me, it’s the main contest.

5 days a week, every week.


I plan to keep this page a little more up to date and even do some retrospective gazing at what went right and wrong  in 2015. For my sake,  to be honest.

And I’m still wearing silly shoes/sandals 🙂 and maybe some sensible ones.

slightly silly party, Carson Zombie Racers.


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